Coming Out – Answer basic questions!

I intend to make a video record to said it out loud with a pride on my face. But you know, my face right now is not pretty enough so I will save the video next occasion.

So whether it is video or a note,  I has wanted to tell one thing: ” I am ME, and try to be a best of ME”. I will tell about me by answering questions because I am not a good writer. However, I will try.

1/  Which gender you are?

I cannot say it clearly whether I like boy or girl. But up to now, in this point of time, I know that I am bisexual (I can say I am gay). Based on my experiences and current opinions, I knew if anyone make me have such special,or maybe weird feelings, I will react to them no matter who they are. The scope of gender in me is limitless.

2/ How do you know who you are?

I pushed myself to do some tets, to have my own answer.  I did all necessary thing. I knew my true feeling. I have such a unforgetable moments about the world surrounding me and I was also so sensitive with it.

Cat calling. Sexual Harassment. Violence.  I had faced them all. Life treats me so well. L.O.L

Recently I had been in love with a girl.

3/ What is your perspectives on the relationship?

I am not trust myself much in love, especially with girl, because I scared that my feeling will change and make her sad. That is why I need to have emotions with and better I am the one who is pursuing. We need to be stronger if we think about our future. I would love to build future with my partner if I seriously care about them and I will try, I promise.

I love someone that knew how to care another, how to proud of themselves, how to protect their another half and how to love themselves. Last but not least, they have known  what they want in their life and always try to reach/get it. Just the way they can make and evaluate themselve better and better.

For male: “I need you to be strong, protective and be healthy about yourself. The appearance is important not only for me but for you. Of course, Your career or personal will will attract me. And you would rather to be active with me and I thank you for your active but polite approaches.”

For female: “It is good when you are cute, intelligent outlook and charming. The feeling will come and I know it is right or not. I will try to be careful to determine my true feeling so that I won’t make you down. I will take responsible for what I did.”

4/ When did you know about your sexual bias?

I am an open-minded girl and I feel right when I talked about this topic few year ago.

It is clear when a girl kiss me ( I was shyyyyyy and so surprised ) several years ago and I knew what I thought  and spoke out was totay right. 

5/ Where is the best place to date?


Food store. Park. Tourist location. Party. Movie theater. Cofee shop.
That is basically about me. If you want to know more or want me to share about your situation. 

You can ask me at AskFM:

Have a good day!


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