It’s summer time, Ninh Thuan

Summer was a season in a year. In Vietnam, most of people know that don’t call them as 4 season, it is only wet and dry season. But we love to use the phrase : “Summer time” for our well enjoyable time.

Every time I go back home. It is always summer time. And this is one of the most fabulous time when I take “my best bitches” and my best childhood boyfriend to explore my my/our hometown area.



One of our target is Vinh Hy Hy Bay ( Ninh Thuan Province). You know what, sometimes (generally)/ many times (personally) the best thing is not the target you hope & really want to achieve, but on the way, the best thing had come.  Here to count.

The first of everything is we need to know de way to ride motorbike. I won’t say that I am good about it but I make it well many times. De roads are come up and down and round & round with perfect scenes. We must stop 3-4 times on the way to having such beautiful pictures together. We get tired of making many stops but de happinesses and fucking awesome scene cheer us more. Every single time We passed, we wish we will return.

De road is long because de time not its physical geography. Finally, we arrive Vinh Hy Hy Village, and it is beautiful at far distance but it is not so beautiful when coming in.


It is “under-developed” village & people try to do the commercial tour with the bay but we are not agree to be their guest. We choose to have lunch with local food, dessert and fruit, and take a rest there. Every food was fine, we love the Banh Xeo Hai San (Seafood pancake). _DSC0606

Because the village is far away from city/ narrowed places, it brings us peacefulness.

Our last destination is to return to here, as picture  (the best place we cannot control our feeling of loving). The “Mat day Beach”, we call it as our self settled name. The sand were clean and hot. However the water is pretty cool and perfectly crystal. We decide to stop, have music to dance, have crazy bitches’ ideas and swim. It is one of the happiest time of our friendship. ;))

We love it. We have the really good time. And I had learned something on the trip. 😀


More photos will be updated:

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