How I call my relationship

I am the one who give notoriety to a relationship. And I want you respect that and I try to follow it as well. So I write down some definitions and rule in this post. If anyone break the rule, you may be successful with your purpose or you also lost all

(Up to now, no one was lucky).

Friend (Bạn): means a good relationship that I want to keep for having cafe, daily meal, discussion and normal activities.

Family (Người thương: ng thân thân, anh, chị, em, tri kỉ): close relationship that I will trust you as a family. We can care about each others and you will not allow to have any extra/love as sexual emotion or get over the feeling of familyship.

Inamorata (Người tình): For exchanging the emotion needs. No long term relationship.

Lover (Người yêu): Family + Inamorata + Right feeling.






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