What I see – Red is an Accident

I am driving today with my Honda on the way back to office. The sun is shining in easy and comfortable way which is not bad day. The problem is once again I see Red color. The color of blood.

A woman who is driving here motorbike fell out in middle of the big road. Her face and her body rubbed against the road surface. Her lovely face was totally scratched. A red blood formed a long broken streak on the road. She might live the rest of her life with a mask of ugly look. She was just a poor victim of herself because no one contributed to the accident, but ONLY HER.


Everything normally happens, I was driving on my way. I didn’t know why it emerged in my mind but it must be something. The image has just repeated. I am still safe but I thought that it was ME, that poor woman..

This year I accidentally see about 5 accidents on the road. I stopped to see and check none of them… Why should I see to many dead people?



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