Bangkok meetups – Thailand 6/8/17

In the Traveling series _ Subtitle: “Traveling alone”

This is a small note for Thai-ee that I met on my trip. Thank you for supporting me and helping me on the foreign land.

If Cambodia brings me feeling of a place that I was separated, Thai totally accepted by Thai people.

The land of Thai people, called Thailand was recommended as a friendly, well served, reasonable place for a Vietnamese. I will graded at least 8/10 for Thailand in this visit.

Not so many Thai-ee (short term of Thai people) can speak English, although they can listen well but hard to speak (same as a big part of Vietnamese). I am was so lucky to have a friend who can fluently speak English when I get into my dorm room (No. 402_03)in Bangkok Hub Hostel. I am sure that I am not the opened type of people that can easy make friends to stranger. But a “yes” from her was lighten my day when I asked “Can you speak English?” because as long as I didn’t speak much, at last I could speak out. Lol.

She had a boy name, I thought, caused her name was same as a boy name in Hormone Drama Series. She is my roommate (No.402_01). She has a petite body, round face and traditional Thai skin and gesture (I think, lol). Photographer was her job. You know, it sounds cool for a girl had that kind of job or at least it is interesting me the one who have used to be shot by someone’s favor. Yeah, finally, we became friend. There are many lovely cats in the Hostel and we both loves CAT (Meo).

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Honestly, her English speaking was really good. It based on my personal view when it hard to randomly find English speaking in Bangkok after 4-day-experiences. Moreover, I find myself a bit weird to make friend and not easy to fit, so thank you for welcoming me.

She took me to Khao san Road by Taxi. It was easier for a local to take a taxi and talk to driver about where we intend to go. In my point view, it’s kindly like as a foreign road/city in Vietnam and Cambodia but I am not sure whether the local had the same view or not. We walked around to have some famous and delicious food (picture)  and drink (milk tea).


I forgot the name, but the taste and ingredients were so good.

It was a good time because we could share a lot and talk all the time and we had a quick view and comment on street, bars, restaurants and food.

I knew that she must be very tired when taking me out and her work was still busy. Thank you for that, buddy! Hope to cheer you up in my country.

Best regards,

From Gin with many thanks,

To Pai.

A Famous Gate


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