What I see: Blood is red.

(Hororable and Fictional theme)

On the pathways to office, I can see the underconstruction bridge clearly. Some engineers  walk on the one of the first solid base. The steel bars are arranged as many as it need to. It is all what I could describe.

Then I see the blood. People usually get troubles with the steels.  It stabs thoughr a worker’s leg. Their face was poor and stuck. Just in a very short moment, I saw blood poured out everywhere. The scene of injury makes me feel like my heart was cut with a blunt knife. I hate it so much but the feeling of human livings add color to life, inversely it is a good point. Blood was made to scale the one’s life. People can only lost a limitied litres of blood before they die. Everyone must die.

The car had kept a long distance away from that bridge. My mind returned the reality. Life is still going on. One more day was passed away.



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