2016 – Year review

As a mercy for everything come and gone,  I want to write something to save memory  of the year 2016.
This is the first year after studying time, that I must work full-time. From the beginning to the end, it was a not terrible as people usually said with a fresh graduated student.


In mid-Jan, I started my year journey to travel to the North of Vietnam (West-North Area and Hanoi) by a quick and randomized decision. There had had no plan no preparation until the almost departure days, my friend confirmed to me that he cannot follow schedule was set. However, I still went ahead because it is my one of my big interest: TRAVELING. There was some friends joined with me during the trip and it made me feel so thankful for having them there to support me for my first trip to North .
My route was:
  1. Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex (Ninh Binh),
  2. a Sapa in-deep (Lao Cai)
  3. 1 day tour – Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh)
  4. a beautiful Ha Noi with Guom lake, HCM museum, Mot Cot Pagoda….

Ninh Binh is the place I loved most, it showed itself as spectacular wonder of nature. The weather changed rapidly in the North day by day. The food price is expensive and but I feel  so much peaceful there.

I lost my camera which keep my precious pics T.T but I still kept that pen a friend of friend gave to me for a souvenir (I signed many papers with that pen right now).
Finally, it was such a beautiful time that I has never ever had before.


After that trip, I decided to quit my current job and took one and a half month for rest. It was Tet holiday time, I chose to free myself from headache things at work, about money, and about relationship… I has never felt wrong with that decision. Lazy time is super necessary for F5 vfresh me. I only need to did hand-job work everyday, ate and slept well, considered some working offers and waited for mommy kicking me out of home. I missed that time so much.


Actually, I was lazy enough not to leave home for a new job until my mom roused me by complaints. She didn’t know that I delayed the working interview for several days to be home longer.
Lucky for me, I had a blessing job. I was accepted for a job I had never thought that I can do well (but someone told me that they can see me fit on it). A job that push me to face with my fear of the crowd and people. A job that was interesting me by its business and people  in this a service industry, a job which I was offered not only by money but also by warmth. In my office, I was treated like a little princess by the Queen (my direct boss who teach me how to make stuffs work), by princes (handsome colleagues who joke to me everyday), by King/Santa clause ( big daddy and bros from JP who bring me gift every time went to VN) and in-same-office colleagues (PPC Sale Dept). this is “my sweet family”. We made many memories here!!!!


Finally, I graduated from TTU. In the graduation day, it recalled me many things that I had been through and made things happened / changed when I was a student there.
I was not a excellent student in term of grading, studying and academic things. Yes, I was sure about it =))). It is not my interest.
University time was not easy period for me as well. Not to mentioned, I cannot refuse that it push me to become firmer and stronger girl. Furthermore, in these year, I found some true friends and has with them through many difficulties and joys.

……………….It was a remarkable time for me as well as my closed friends…. We share and be together…………… .”


Finally, end year time was special & crazy time in Saigon.
I made many mistakes, did some unpredictable adventures and met some special strangers.
I would say thousand words to describe my feeling about them. But it was my bad to describe my feeling so it should be short right now. L.o.L.
Thank you for passing by my life and by my side!
There are no regret… right?
(to be continue in another topic)
Two days trip to Ca Mau was how I ended up this year. People said: “Ending is new beginning!”. It was totally right!
My 2017 started at the South of Vietnam. A master travel plan still ahead!!! 🙂

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